The last 8 months of my career were the most frustrating I’ve ever experienced.

Challenging people situations mixed with a melancholy view of what I even wanted out of my career led me into a pretty frustrated and depressed state of being. I’m a person of action, many times to a fault, so feeling the way I did but not knowing what to do about it just increased all the negativity inside.

Then I saw some friends talking about an article on Twitter and I was immediately drawn in by the title, “It’s not you, it’s the startup life” by Sarah Jane Coffey. If you haven’t read it, take the 15 minutes to do so now. You won’t regret it.

I sent the story to my husband and his response was, “Wow. That’s totally you.” And within the hour I had made up my mind to quit my current job and do what I have been needing to do for a very long time…take back control of my career.

To start bringing back the positivity into my life I made a “love” list to start defining the things in my life that I really, truly enjoy. I love people. I love technology. I love multitasking and killing 2 spiders with 1 stone (I don’t like killing birds). I love Krav Maga bootcamp. I love setting huge goals and accomplishing them. I love project management. My “love” list went on and on until I read through it and it hit me, I needed to start my own company.

When my close friends and family found out about this plan they all laughed knowingly…my parents are self-employed, my husband is self-employed, even a lot of our friends are self-employed – and they all know that I’m not one to stay in a miserable state very long.

I’m terrified of being self-employed. I love the security of a bi-monthly paycheck and medical benefits. In fact, my fear and anxiety about giving up that security had me dragging my feet for weeks upon weeks.

My husband would keep saying “Just do it! Jump! Let’s go!” (also what an amazing, supportive husband I have right?!). And I’d say “OKAY!” and then the next day take a few steps back from the ledge.





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Baby step the ledge…..take a step back…




So I’ve jumped, everyone! And I’m sure there will be days/weeks when it’s just as challenging of what I’ve experienced before, but even that frustration will not be able to take away the peace I have from taking back my career.

My goal for Orange Drive is to change the way companies and people view IT methodologies, IT professionals, and IT value. More on all of those to come.



Interested in taking this jump with me? Please reach out!