Product: Grid-It by Cocoon
Price: $19.82 plus Amazon Prime
Is it worth it? Hell yes!

I purchased a Grid-It for my dad last Christmas after I saw it on one of those “Great Gifts for Dad” lists. He opened it up and just looked at me, “Huh…this is an interesting gift.” That is until I got a picture a few days later of all his tech gadgets organized with a note saying “This is really cool!” I have no clue why I didn’t purchase one for myself given that every other week or so I end up dumping out my bag on the kitchen table and getting this….


Yes go ahead and judge. I can handle it.

I’ve found that it doesn’t matter how many great organizational pockets the bag has…things get lost. Constantly. Especially little thumb drives, adapters, etc. So instead of 3.5 delicious espresso beverages from Amante on Walnut St. for the week I purchased a Grid-It.



This is the 15″ x 9.5″ organizer from Amazon.  1 of 5 sizes that Cocoon offers – the largest one that would fit in my bag.





orangedrivegriditreview-8     orangedrivegriditreview-10


  • Was a bit bummed that the back pocket wasn’t able to fit my external tech drive. However, it did fit my iFixIt too set but that was a tight fit.
  • A few of the straps seem almost too long with too much elasticity – assuming they are designed for larger items, but at that point you’re taking up so much of the 15×9.5″ board. It would be nice to be able to choose the approximate size of the grids somehow.



  • After loading the Grit-It up with 8 cables, 4 adapters, magsafe charger, USB charger, headphones, electronic wipes, sharpie, and a USB drive I flipped it over a few times and even waved it through the air (my dog was very confused) and nothing budged even a little. In fact, I took it in and out of my bag 10x in a row and nothing budged or fell off.
  • As a true geek, I love how this thing looks loaded up. It’s visually very cool, better than hiding things in bags with zippers.
  • The elastic straps are tight enough that you do not need additional velcro ties or rubber cables to bind your cords together – I love this because those little ties end up in the bottom of a bag or forgotten on a desk.
  • Multi-use purpose. It’s a good thing you can buy a whole pack of these babies directly from Cocoon because this organizer is more like an addicting puzzle!



This is my opinion. I am in no way compensated by the companies who make these products, in fact…most don’t even know I’m doing it. If you disagree with me, comment and tell me why.